During my tenure as Director of the U. S. Coast Guard Band, I wrote some 25 marches, most of which were Coast Guard-related. As you can see, I have only just begun to add recordings of them to this site. All of these recordings are by the Coast Guard Band unless otherwise noted.

Coast Guard Bicentennial March was written, as you might imagine, to celebrate the Coast Guard’s Bicentennial in 1989.

In 1991, the U. S. Coast Guard Reserve celebrated its 50th (Golden) anniversary, hence
The Golden Reserve.

I’ve always loved John Klohr’s great
Billboard March, so I wrote this arrangement as soon as it became public domain. (Pub. Ludwig Music.)

America’s Bravest, America’s Finest was commissioned in 2002 in memory of the firefighters and police who gave their lives on 9/11.

Honor the Founders was commissioned by the Bettendorf (IA) Park Band to commemorate their 40th Anniversary and “to honor the founders of community bands all across America.” (Recorded live in concert by the Metropolitan Wind Symphony, 2009)

All of these marches are published by
Cimarron Music Press unless otherwise noted.