This page will continue to grow as I add recordings.

Please note that all of my music is published by
Cimarron Music Press unless otherwise noted.


Sandburg Reflections: I wrote this for the Coast Guard Band and soprano Tracy Thomas for the Band’s 2002 appearance at Chicago’s Midwest Clinic. It is an original setting for mezzo and wind ensemble of four Carl Sandburg poems: Good Babies Make Good Poems, The Fog, Ezra (Pound), and Jazz Fantasia. The recording is the live performance from Midwest 2000.

Sandburg Reflections is published by Alfred Publishing and can be found here.

Con Sabor Espanol came into being in an odd way; I wrote it as a conducting sight-reading exercise for the auditions to choose my successor as Director of the Coast Guard Band. It’s full of mixed meter and other knotty little conducting challenges, but it turned out to be a piece I enjoy doing with all kinds of groups. This recording is from my final concert as Director of the Coast Guard Band.

Bright-Colored Dances is a dance suite for wind ensemble, based on the colors I “saw” when I was conceptualizing the four movements. Ranging from simple to complex, easy to difficult, it encases both color and motion in a way that speaks to me. I’ve played this with everyone from regional bands to the pros.

Con Sabor and the Dances are published by Cimarron Music Press and can be found here.

The Music Man is not published—permission issues. However, the Mason City (IA) Foundation received permission to commission this arrangement for the 100th Anniversary of composer Meredith Willson’s birth. They asked that every song in the show be included, so they’re all here except for two that are spoken. I’ve posted the recording here because I believe it to be one of my best arrangements.

I wrote
The Story of the Coast Guard in the early 1970's, not long after I joined the Coast Guard Band. I set excerpts from the official Coast Guard history to original music, and we performed it often as part of our public affairs work for the Coast Guard. In 1990, in celebration of the Coast Guard Bicentennial, we recorded it with Alec Haley, the famed author of Roots, who was a Coast Guard Chief Journalist. It is that recording listed here.