As with many people who have worked in a given area this long, I have some thoughts on various aspects of my profession and a propensity for sharing them.

ON PRACTICING reflects discussions and posts with members of the Metropolitan Wind Symphony, which I conduct, on the subject of effective practicing.

The MWS is an unpaid, volunteer community band of remarkable quality, and we have a wide cross section of players, from professional performing musicians to music teachers to people in entirely unrelated professions.

Regardless of background or circumstances, our members all seem to share one problem—they have less practice time than they would like. The subject of how to use that time has therefore been a matter of considerable interest and discussion, which gave rise to this blog.

ON CONDUCTING is new in early 2015. It consists of thoughts I’ve drawn from my own learning path as a conductor, from teaching conducting, and from observing conductors.

In it, I offer specific, detailed recommendations regarding things to work on and how to do so.

Please email me (see below) if you have thoughts you’d like to address; I would be glad to do so.